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cemetary1The Ohio Revised Code allows the Board of Trustees to appoint a Township Administrator. This person serves as the head of the township under the direction and supervision of the board and shall hold office at the pleasure of the board. In addition, the Township Administrator:

  • Assist in the administration, enforcement and execution of the policies and resolutions of the board;
  • Supervises and directs the activities of the affairs of the divisions of township government under the control or jurisdiction of the board;
  • Attend all meetings of the board;
  • Recommend measures for adoption to the board;
  • Prepare and submit to the board such reports as are required by them or has she considers advisable;
  • Keep the board fully advised on the financial conditions of the township, preparing and submitting a budget for each fiscal year;
  • Perform such additional duties as the board may determine by resolution.

Copley Connection: The Township keep residents informed of plans, problems, and accomplishments through the mass media and a quarterly newsletter called the COPLEY CONNECTION. The Connection is mailed to each resident's home quarterly. To review the latest copy of the Copley Connection, click here.

Noxious / Harmful Weeds: Township Trustees have the authority to require landowners to cut noxious or harmful weeds that are growing uncontrolled. Generally, the Trustees act only after written complaints from neighbors. A certified letter is sent to the landowner requesting the weeds be cut within five days. If there is no response, the Township may have the weeds cut down and have the expenses added to the taxes levied on the property.

Copley Circle Bricks:  The Copley Heritage Day Committee sold bricks during the Millennium as a fundraiser for Heritage Days.  The bricks are now in the walls of the announcement signs that are erected in Copley Circle.  The Township Trustees plan to continue the sale of bricks.  This new program will compliment the brick walls.  Click here for an application form.