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What is Lifeline?
Lifeline is a 24-hour personal emergency monitoring system that allows you to call for help with a small button that you wear.

When you push the button,Info Line enacts your personal emergency plan. Your volunteer responders will come to your aid. If you need professional emergency help, Info Line can summon paramedics or police to help you.

Lifeline helps residents remain safely in their homes when they:

  • Live alone
  • Are an older adult
  • Are homebound
  • Have medical problems
  • Are recovering from an illness or injury

What is Senior Info Line?
Are you over 60? Are you concerned about the health and well-being of an older adult? If so, Senior Info Lines experienced professionals can provide practical information about services available to adults over 60:

  • Golden Buckeye Card
  • Transportation
  • Social Activities
  • Employment
  • Medicare & Medicaid Information
  • Health & Homemaker Services
  • Support Groups
  • Housing
  • Nursing Homes
  • Special Assistance for Food, Clothing and Utilities
  • and more!

What do I need?
To get Lifeline, you must:

  • Have a telephone
  • Complete an application
  • Have Info Line install a Lifeline unit in your home
  • Have at least 2 volunteer responders who have access to your home and will help you in an emergency.

We are there when you need help
For more information about the Lifeline service, or for questions about a completed application, call Info Line: