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From the Office of Sherrii Bevan Walsh, Prosecuting Attorney, Summit County


Residents of Bath, Copley and Fairlawn have been getting calls from a man who identifies himself as Capt. Jack Dembrowski, a local law enforcement officer.  "Capt. Dembrowski" claims someone stole a large amount of money from their account and asks for personal information, including whether there is jewelry, money and guns in the house.  He has even threatened to get a search warrant if the resident refuses to answer his questions.

Capt. Jack Dembrowski does not exist.  Anyone who receives this call should hang up and notify their local police department.

Never give out personal information or information about valuables and weapons in your home.  It is very easy for someone to assume another's identity over the phone.  However, it is also very easy to call your local police department (or the organization with which the caller claims to be associated) to verify whether the call is legitimate or a scam.

Stay Safe,

Sherri Bevan Walsh
Prosecuting Attorney

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