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Township Roads
Township officials are proud of the work provided by the Service Department, the up-to-date procedures and materials used, and the results are shown in the generally good condition of their roads. Not all roads in Copley Township are maintained by the Township. Following is a list of roads maintained by either the State of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) or the Summit County Engineer’s Office or other agencies:

State Roads
State Route 162 - Copley Road, Route 18 - Medina Road, Route 21 and Route 77 are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (1-800-603-1054 or 330-650-1300).

County Roads
Collier Rd (West Side Only), Hametown Rd. (North from Copley Rd to Rt. 18), Jacoby Road, Minor Road, Ridgewood Road (Cleve-Mass to Medina Line), S. Cleve-Mass Road (Rt 18 to Copley-Norton boundary), Schocalog Road, Stimson Road, Summit Road, White Pond and Wright Road are maintained by the Summit County Engineer's Office (330-643-2850).

Other Roads
Collier Rd. (East Side) is maintained by the City of Akron (330-375-2270).

Ridgewood Rd. (Cleve-Mass. To Miller Rd.) is maintained by the City of Fairlawn (330-668-9556).

Hemphill Road (South Side) is maintained by the City of Norton (330-825-7221).

For a complete list of roads and who maintains them, please click here.