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More Than You Might Think!

copley-township-signThe Copley Township Service Department garage is located behind the Town Hall on Cleveland-Massillon Road. The department also has a storage yard and salt storage facility on Copley Road adjacent to the Township Cemetery and Depot. These facilities, along with nine (9) dedicated personnel and excellent equipment, provide well-maintained Township roads.


The work of the Service Department is more involved than most people envision. Although a major goal of the department is to maintain road surfaces, it involves much more. There are many responsibilities that most people do not realize belong to the Service Department. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of the federally mandated Phase II Storm Water Regulations
  • Snow and ice control on Township roads and at Township owned buildings
  • Roadside ditching
  • Oversees Solid Waste District
  • Storm line Repair
  • Installation and replacement of driveway culvert pipes
  • Maintenance of existing drainage systems
  • Maintenance of all Township highway systems
  • Maintenance of Copley Community Park and scheduling of park functions
  • Installation and repair of all highway signs
  • Annual brush, tire, and Christmas tree collection
  • Performs burials at Copley Cemetery
  • Maintenance of all Township grounds, buildings, and cemeteries.

Announcement Sign at Copley Circle: The two changeable announcement signs on Copley Circle are for the primary use of Copley Township's government. Signs may be used for non-profit, not for profit community groups and civic organizations in Copley Township. Applications for use of the signs may be made to the Copley Township Service Department on a township application form. Application must be made 30 days in advance. Click here for an application form and rules and regulations for sign use. Any questions should be directed to Barb Amer, Copley Service Department, 330-666-0365.

New Driveways: Residents who wish to install new driveways entering Township maintained roadways are required to have a permit. The cost is $10.00 and the permit can be taken out at the Town Hall through the Zoning Department. After the required permit is issued, the Service Department is notified and they will inspect the ditch line and recommend the type and size of culvert to be installed.

Existing Driveway Culverts: If a resident believes their existing driveway culvert is not functioning properly, please contact Service Department for an inspection. If it is determined that the culvert is failing, it will be replaced by Copley Service Department.

Tree / Shrub Trimming: As required by the Ohio Revised Code, it is the responsibility of the Township to ensure its roadways are safe for the motoring public. Therefore, each year the Service Department trims back trees and shrubs within their right-of-ways to ensure proper sight distance for stop signs, speed limit signs, and other regulatory signs, as well as street name signs, along their roadways and intersections. It is not required, but as a courtesy, the Service Department will attempt to notify residents before their trees or shrubs will be trimmed. If an entire neighborhood is scheduled for trimming, advance notice signs are erected at the entrance roads of those areas.

Snow Removal: The Service Department is responsible for clearing 56.86 miles of roads, (101.50 lane miles). Either the State of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) or the Summit County Engineer's Office (COSE) maintains the remaining roads. Most township roads are residential with the exception being Montrose West Avenue, Flight Memorial Drive, Brookmont Road, Bywood Road, Centerview Circle, and OH Drive. The lack of curbs clearly defining the roadway, roadside mailboxes, numerous driveway entrances, limited space for plowing, along with the ninety-plus cul-de-sacs, make it very challenging for the plow operators.

It takes five people, five 5-ton dump trucks, and eighty tons of salt to cover our Township roads in one pass. If the snow is deep enough that it must be plowed, it takes additional hours to do the job. Since the priority is to guarantee residents access for emergency services, a two-pass plowing system is used. The first two passes are done quickly to open up the middle of the roads and intersections to allow emergency vehicles access. Once this is accomplished, and it is needed, the plows return for their third and fourth pass to push the snow back to the berms/curbs to open up the roads to their full width.

Residents should not place obstacles, such as large rocks, metal or wooden stakes, etc., along the edge of the roadway. Residents are urged to remove any obstacles that present dangers to the motoring public. Property owners may be subject to liability in the event an accident involving these obstructions occurs. Residents should avoid parking on the roads when snow removal becomes necessary. When plowing snow from a driveway, do not place the snow in the road. Snow should be confined to the property and not placed on adjacent properties.