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Zoning Signs:

Whenever an application is made for a zoning map change, any type of conditional permitted use, or extension of or change in non-conforming use -- all of which require a public hearing -- the Township places a sign on the property in question until a decision is made by either the Zoning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals. The process usually takes 120 days for a map amendment.

The signs are placed so residents of the area will be aware of a possible zoning change. The Township also mails notices to contiguous property owners. Placing these signs is part of our normal procedure. Hopefully they will spark the interest and participation of residents.

Displaying Signs:

Except for real estate, garage sale or moving sale signs placed in your own yard, all signs require permits. Before putting up any signs, please call the Town Hall and check on the regulations. As noted, garage or moving sale signs do not require permits. However, they may not be placed on utility poles and must be back away from the road right-of-way.

A business owner needing temporary signage should call the Zoning Department (330-666-0108) and set up an appointment so a permit can be issued.