Bicentennial Celebration

In July 1819, Jacob Spafford, Allen Bosworth, and George Hawkins became the first Board of Trustees to govern the newly formed Copley Township.  These early settlers' legacies live on 200 years later and the Bicentennial Committee is planning the party!  We kicked off the celebration in August of 2018 with a re-enactment of the signing of the Charter and have celebrated with a different event each month since then.  Perhaps you witnessed the Vintage Baseball Game at the Copley Community Park when the Akron Black Stockings took on the Canal Fulton Mules, or maybe you kicked up your heels at the Contra Dance at the Parker Barn or soaked in the beauty of vintage wedding dresses at the recent Style Show and Tea.  The good news is that this is only the beginning - many more events are planned in the months to come. (see the schedule of events)


All the events have been supported through the sale of our Bicentennial commemorative items.  Local businesses joined together and created our very own Copley-opoly board game.  You'll recognize the properties for sale as well as the Community Chest and Chance cards - all supported by local, Copley businesses.  Leandra Drumm, daughter of Don Drumm, created a one-of-a-kind design commemorating Copley Township and fashioned coffee mugs and medallions.  The Lions Club is selling T-shirts and hats, the Historical Society is selling garden stones and we most recently commissioned metal garden stakes that are available in various colors or plain metal.  All are available for sale by contacting Copley Town Hall at 1540 S Cleveland-Massillon Road or by calling 330-666-1853.  The items are also available at the Copley Antique Mall and Market Path as well as all the Bicentennial events.


Copley Historical Society is selling concrete Garden Stones to celebrate Copley Township's Bicentennial in 2019.  The stones are $15 and are 12"H x 10.5"W x 1" Thick.  You can purchase a stone by calling the Townhall at 330-666-1853, by calling Bill Daniel at 330-666-5582, and they are also available at Copley Circle Antiques on Copley Circle.heart concrete

Metal Garden Stakes

These metal garden stakes were made by Frank Mularcik, a student at Copley High School for the Bicentennial.  They are $15 each. They are available at Copley Town Hall and at The Market Path. Questions??  Call Town Hall at 330-666-1853.

metal garden stakes 2


As a tribute to Copley Township, local businesses and community groups have joined forces and created our very own board game - COPLEY-OPOLY! Join the fun as you buy properties with names you recognize...Rizzi's, Shisler's, and more! a special bonus, five lucky "Golden Tickets" will be inserted in five random games - buy the game with one of the tickets and win $100!  Reserve your game today to make sure you aren't left out!  Call Town Hall at 330-666-1853. The cost of one Copley-Opoly game is $35.00.


Copley Township Bicentennial Mugs/Medallions

Make sure you purchase your Commemorative Copley Township Bicentennial Mugs/Medallions, designed by Leandra Drumm.  You can purchase them at Town Hall or at the Heritage Day Bicentennial Table while supplies last.  They are going fast at $20.00 each. Call 330-666-1853 to get yours today!

Copley Bicentennial Mug

Copley Bicentennial Mug

bicentennial ornament