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The Township strives to enhance property values by actively addressing the negative impacts of blight and abandonment. Copley engages with homeowners to improve and enhance the housing stock and thereby help foster strong and prosperous neighborhoods.

Copley Township Property Maintenance Codeknow the code


The purpose of the Property Maintenance Code is to protect the public health, safety, public convenience, comfort, prosperity, or general welfare as it pertains to areas, premises, and buildings used for residential, commercial, industrial, travel, and public purposes. Residents are able to report Property Maintenance Complaint online and track the status of their progress. Learn more about Property Maintenance in Copley Township.

The Maintenance & Revitalization Inspection Program is designed to provide for a non-biased, systematic approach to improving and maintaining the overall conditions of the Township required for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our community.

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    Jeff Newman

    Code Enforcement Officer

  2. Community & Economic Development

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    1540 S Cleveland-Massillon Road
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    Fax: 330-666-2245

Code Enforcement

Requests for Service - Zoning and Property Maintenance Standards

Copley Township actively monitors and enforces community standards adopted under the Zoning Resolution and the Exterior Property Maintenance Resolution. Copley Township Zoning Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer are tasked with most of the day-to-day work of addressing resident & business concerns regarding adherence to these standards throughout the community. This service protects the property values of our neighborhoods and commercial areas by addressing nuisance issues and other situations where properties may not be in compliance with the adopted standards. 

The Department of Community & Economic Development staff also work with commercial property owners to meet Township regulations pertaining to landscaping, lighting, and site improvements.

Services provided by the inspectors include:

  • Regular visits to each neighborhood to identify potential zoning violations
  • Investigation of complaints received by The Department of Community & Economic Development concerning potential violations
  • Investigation and processing of properties that may need abatement due to neglected lawns, or the placement of junk or other debris around the property
  • Working with property owners to ensure timely removal of hazardous or blighting conditions
  • Commercial code enforcement review of signage, landscaping, and lighting standards
  • Responding to general questions and inquiries regarding zoning and property maintenance standards

To file a Request for Service and report a possible zoning violation online, please follow the link below to iWorQ to submit a service request that will be reviewed by staff as soon as possible.

Request for Service - Code Enforcement


Copley is committed to providing a safe environment for all residents.   The Department of Community & Economic Development revitalization programs strengthen the economy by making our township a more attractive place to live, invest, run a business, and raise a family.  

Remediating properties, and ensuring that these sites are properly cleaned up will contribute to a safer community, assist with stormwater management, and will open the door to significant economic benefits.

The demolition of the former vacant Motel 6 property at 99 Rothrock Road created a 2.8-acre site for redevelopment in the Montrose commercial area.   Turning possibly one of Copley’s biggest eyesores into an asset.

The Summit County Land Bank and the Ohio Department of Development Site Revitalization Program contributed nearly 75% of the funds to make this demolition possible.

Before and After photos

Herbert Brown 2 before
Herbert Brown before
Herbert Brown after
Motel 6 aerial
Motel 6 before 5
1772 Lakeland before
1772 Lakeland after
1521 Lakeland before 3
1521 Lakeland before 2
1521 Lakeland before
1521 Lakeland after
1135 Schocalog before
1135 Schocalog before. 2
1135 Schocalog after
1273 MINA AVE before
1273 MINA AVE before 2
1273 MINA AVE after
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