Copley Township Zoning Commission
 Thursday, November 2, 2023
 5:00 PM-7:00 PM: Land Use Plan Workshop
 7:00 PM: Business Meeting

Attendees may participate in person, 1540 S. Cleveland Massillon Road. Participants may view the presentation virtually from your computer, tablet or smartphone 


Copley Township Zoning Commission Meeting


Focus Areas:

  1. Chapter1-Plan Overview 
  2. Chapter 6-Community Perspectives Survey: Review Draft Survey and Discuss Results of Paper Test Survey
  3. Halloween In the Park Kiosk

Materials for Discussion:

Planning for Equity Policy Guide:

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans:

To view a copy of the materials above, please contact the Department of Community & Economic Development

Copley Township Health in All Policies


7:00 PM

Continue Public Hearing

Applicant: Copley Township 

Current Text: Article 6, Section 6.01 T. Regulations of Agricultural Uses Overview-Per the Ohio Revised Code, A Township may enforce regulations in regards to agricultural uses on parcels not greater than 5 acres

Proposed Text: Article 6, Section 6.01 Regulation of Agricultural Uses-Adopt regulations regarding agricultural uses on parcels not greater than 5 acres

A.     Agriculture is a permitted use in all Residential Districts provided:

1.      The property owner maintain compliance with all regulations of jurisdictional agencies including Summit County Public Health

2.      Agricultural use, on lots less than 5 acres:

a.      Structures shall be placed to the rear of the primary dwelling

b.      Structures shall be setback a minimum of 20’ from all property lines 

c.      Enclosed shelter must be provided for and made available to animals associated with agricultural use and meet the separation requirements as defined by Summit County Public Health Environmental Code 600

d.      A maximum of ten (10) hens is permitted

e.      The keeping of roosters is prohibited

B.     The possession of dangerous wild animals and restricted snakes as defined by the Ohio Revised Code 935 are prohibited.


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