Roles & Responsibilities

The Ohio Revised Code allows the Board of Trustees to appoint a Township Administrator. This person serves as the head of the township under the direction and supervision of the board and shall hold office at the pleasure of the board. In addition, the Township Administrator:

  • Assists in the administration, enforcement, and execution of the policies and resolutions of the board
  • Supervises and directs the activities of the affairs of the divisions of township government under the control or jurisdiction of the board
  • Attends all meetings of the board
  • Recommends measures for adoption to the board
  • Prepares and submits to the board such reports as are required by them or as she considers advisable
  • Keeps the board fully advised on the financial conditions of the township, preparing and submitting a budget for each fiscal year
  • Performs such additional duties as the Board may determine by resolution.

Play Monopoly a New Way

As a tribute to Copley Township, local businesses and community groups have joined forces and created our very own board game - COPLEY-OPOLY! Join the fun as you buy properties with names you recognize...Rizzi's, Shisler's, and more!. Try to avoid "jail" as you maneuver through Community Chest cards that have you either doing victory laps or losing turns. Build your empire with Cavanaugh Builders or get stuck in the car wash at Laser Wash. a special bonus, five lucky "Golden Tickets" will be inserted in five random games - buy the game with one of the tickets and win $100!  Great gifts for your family or for relatives who have moved away but still have ties to our community.  Reserve your game today to make sure you aren't left out! Call Copley Town Hall at 330-666-1853.