Heritage Days

August 4-6, 2023

The Copley Heritage Days committee is well into the planning stages for this year’s events.  We will again be at Copley Community Park, 3232 Copley Road, on Saturday, August 5th. There will be NO PARADE this year.




There are no vendor fees for nonprofit groups/organizations.

To keep updated, go to copleyheritageday.org - or the Heritage Day Facebook Page.

Community Art Exhibition
August 3 - September 10
at Brighton Brewing Company

The Copley Heritage Days Community Art Exhibition aims to showcase the incredible talent and creativity that exists within our local community. Through this event, we hope to emphasize the vital role that art plays in a vibrant community, and to encourage others to appreciate and support local artist.

Not only will this exhibition provide a platform for artists to share their work with a wider audience, it will also serve as a fundraiser for the Copley Heritage Day Scholarship for the Arts, giving back to the next generation of creatives.

Mark  your calendars for the Call for Art, opening on April 15th, with the submission deadline of June 15th. The theme for this year's exhibition is "COMMUNITY". The exhibition will run from August 3rd to September 10th at Brighten Brewing Company and promises to be a vibrant and inspiring celebration of the arts in Copley. 

For more information please visit:  copleyheritageday.org