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Copley Tree Canopy

Department Core Focus Area: Enhanced Public & Green Space

Copley Township is dedicated to the preservation of the tree canopy found in our area. The Department of Community and Economic Development is committed to this mission through the engagement of tree preservation activities found in residential and commercial development. 

The Department & Township have incorporated the following activities in their commitment to the Copley Tree Canopy including:

  • Adoption of Tree Preservation Agreements
  • Adoption of Tree Resolutions for new development
  • Adoption of Tree Preservation Regulations & Landscaping Requirements for new development

Since the adoption of  tree preservation agreements and regulations in 2012, Copley Township has preserved over 25 acres of mature woodlands. In addition, the agreements and regulations have resulted in the planting of over 1,325 trees specifically chosen to help re-establish the canopy impacted by deforestation and development in our community.

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Department Core Focus Area: Neighborhood Revitalization

Project Building Blocks, supported by The Department of Community & Economic Development, is dedicated to the enhancement and beautification of our community through our core focus area of Neighborhood Revitalization.

In coordination with the Code Enforcement Officer, the Department engages in revitalization activities in residential and commercial areas throughout the Township.