Copley Heights

Copley Height

Definition of Geographic Area

The Copley Heights Neighborhood  is located in the mideast portion of the Township. The area is bound by the Kendall & Colon Neighborhood to the south, the Copley Community Park, Druid Hills and Wolf Creek Neighborhoods to the west, Jacoby Road to the east and Copley Road to the north.

Residential development and small retail characterize this neighborhood. Copley Heights is one of Copley's first allotments with development beginning in the late 1920's.

Current Land Use and Zoning

Copley Heights is zoned Residential-Medium Density (R-MD) with a small portion dedicated to Commercial-General Retail (C-GR).

The Residential-Medium Density (R-MD) District is established to accommodate single-family & two-family residential dwellings at existing densities in the areas so defined. The object of the regulations in this District is to maintain the suburban character of the area and to discourage large concentrations of intensive development.

The Commercial-General Retail (C-GR) District, is established to provide for a wide range of retail and service uses, including high intensity retail and service uses, such as large-scale retail establishmentsthat meet the shopping needs of the community and the region. This District is an appropriate location for developments featuring multiple retail and service uses on large sites with parking and drives for multiple tenants and coordinated signage and landscaping.


Neighborhood Ambassadors are essential to the success of any strong community. 

Neighborhood Ambassadors serve as a local point-person for information in your part of the Township. Ambassadors are charged with promoting improvements, identifying problems, and informing neighbors about beneficial services and programs.

Ambassadors may volunteer just a little bit of free time, or choose to devote significant efforts toward neighborhood projects that connect neighbors. Organize a block party or help build community by chatting over the fence.

Neighborhood Ambassadors receive ongoing support and guidance from the Township Administration and the Department of Community and Economic Development.

By building a team of neighborhood-level leaders, the cumulative impact of this positive force will expand. Ultimately, the neighbors who volunteer as Ambassadors lay the groundwork for lasting excellence and long-term community pride.

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