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A great deal of attention has been given to strategic planning initiatives as this becomes the foundation for an equitable and desirous community.

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The Zoning Resolution is a tool used to help provide stability and control over different types of land use activities. Proper planning will lead to the types of permitted or conditional uses within the Township. Zoning Maps and standards are used to not only protect surrounding neighbors from change but it also protects the landowner to seek proper land use rights.

Residents and Developers will utilize Zoning tools and resources to complete the necessary Zoning Applications and Fees required to obtain Zoning permits in the Township. 

Development Checklist

Use the Summit County GIS System to find your property Zoning. Search by parcel or property address and click the Layers icon to turn on Summit County Zoning and Copley Township.

Tools & Resources

Our Town LUP


The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a legal document that helps guide long-range strategic planning initiatives. The Land Use Plan helps decision-makers evaluate the merits of complex land-use proposals. Whether balancing the interests of land preservation or the pursuit of expanding employment opportunities through new development, the Land Use Plan remains a highly effective tool in establishing a community pattern.

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The Township created overlay districts as part of the implementation of the Land Use Plan. The Copley Circle Mixed-Use and Copley/Jacoby Mixed Use District provide a unique opportunity for commerce and living to blend in harmony. The Mixed-Use Districts provide greater development opportunities and encourages a more compact and integrated environment as opposed to their counterpart zoning district which may only allow for a single type of use.


Connecting Communities-Montrose Multi-Model Connectivity Plan

The purpose of Connecting Communities – A Guide to Integrating Land Use and Trans­portation is to promote a region that balances environmental, social and economic concerns by improving coordination between land use and transportation. Connecting Communities utilizes a regional planning process to explore strategies to increase trans­portation choices and accessibility, help communities make collaborative, informed de­cisions to coordinate development, reduce environmental impacts and improve regional connectivity.

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