Copley Homeowners Association


  • 7 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of every month 
  • Sportsmen Club
    1755 Jacoby Road
    Copley, OH 44321


Dave Supelak
Phone: 330-819-9094
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From its formation in 1978, the Copley Homeowner's Association (CHA) played a big part in shaping the land use of Copley Township. Today a new group of Copley residents picked up where the original founders left off. The Copley Homeowner's Association has reorganized.

In the past, Copley Homeowner's Association focused on zoning, land use, and township services. Today, concerns are still the same. A few years ago, the Township undertook a major rewrite of the zoning code. You may wish to understand how the revised code affects you. This can be accomplished through routine reports from the CHA.


Membership in the Association entitles property owners discounts on septic cleaning (where applicable) and monthly updates on township happenings. Join us! Membership is $10 annually.

Copley Facts

  • Copley Township contains a total of 7,389 individual parcels.
  • Copley Township has a total of 13,193 acres within its jurisdiction
  • The average parcel size within Copley is 1.785 acres
  • Population from 2010 Census: 17,360
  • 80-acre Community Park at 3232 Copley Road