Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.81


Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.81 states:

  • A child who is either less than four years of age or weighs less than forty pounds or is in both categories must be in a child restraint system when being transported in your vehicle.
  • A child who is less than eight years of age and less than four feet nine inches in height must be secured in a booster seat.
  • A child who is at least eight years of age but not older than fifteen shall utilize the occupant restraining device of the motor vehicle.
  • There are some exceptions to this section such as taxi cabs and public safety vehicles and if the child qualifies for more than one category.
  • With the front airbags and inflatable side curtains that are now installed in vehicles, it is imperative the occupant restraint devices be utilized or further bodily injuries could occur during a collision.

Headlight & Vehicle Wipers Details

As of October 2009, you are now required to have the headlights of the vehicle you are driving turned on whenever the vehicle's wipers are being used because of precipitation on the windshield. Ohio law also states the headlights are to be on from sunset to sunrise and at any time there is insufficient natural light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

Remember, the headlights on your car are to allow you to illuminate what is down the road, but more importantly, it allows other drivers and pedestrians to see you. Turn your headlights on and be a safe defensive driver!

Registration Database

In September 2012, the state launched a new registration database accessible only by law enforcement officials that allows Ohio drivers to provide emergency contact information in case of a serious accident. Individuals may provide their name, address, telephone number, and at least one emergency contact.

For registration, visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website or submit via mail to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    P.O. Box 16520
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520