Bike Rodeo

The Copley Police Department sponsors an annual Bike Rodeo.  The event is held in Montrose in the parking lot of the Home Depot.  This program is for elementary-aged children and is designed to encourage safe bike riding techniques.

Eddy’s Bike Shop employees are on hand to conduct safety inspections of each child’s bike and make any minor adjustments on the spot.  Children receive a free bike helmet if they need one.  Children can ride their bikes through several stations, and an obstacle course, and learn how to obey a traffic signal.

Local businesses participate in the event with handouts for the children, police hand out water bottles and bike reflectors, and Home Depot provides refreshments.

This event is free to the public and is another one of the Copley Police Department Community Policing activities.  Come and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon.

Thank you to the community who participated in the 2022 Bike Rodeo!  A HUGE thank you to Target, Peak Auto Sales, Planet Fitness, and Walmart for donating bikes to be raffled! The Bike Rodeo was held on Saturday, June 18th, and was well received.  We had many vendors and bicyclists enjoy a VERY windy afternoon!  We added a "bike wash" to the stations and the kids loved it!  There was no water but a lot of fun!  See the pictures below:  Hope to see you next year!


Bike Rodeo 2022